Welcome to Anths

Sustainable development via user studies & innovation 

     Via anthropology and sustainability thinking

       we explore new ways to create awareness

       we analyze where the uncomfortable stone is hidden in your organization... or your sustainable development potential



Sustainable Development in municipalities, companies, and organizations

ANTHS works with the sustainable development of work cultures, workflows, organizations, projects, and green marketing

We assist your organization in creating significant and sustainable change by combining a custom-made mix of user involvement, anthropological methods, and leader coaching

- Sustainable work cultures

- Via fieldwork we reveal the stones in your organizational shoe, e.g., to solve conflicts from a deeper cultural level.

We evaluate your potential for green marketing

- clear communication of greenness

- construct ESG policy clearly, useful, and honestly (to avoid greenwashing) 

Behavior & practice DESIGN

Looking for awareness, habit and behavior change?

We provide bespoke consulting services in the cross-field of human-centered anthropology, climate science, and educational mechanisms.

We explore citizen and user perspectives and values (outside-in development)

Combined with the newest academic research and proven practical methods (e.g., gamification) 

Awareness, motivation, value change, and engagement (sustainable habit change). We support organizations, companies, and institutions (e.g., municipalities to engage citizens in green action and fulfill (climate) policies.

User studies


Practice change


Jiesper Tristan Pedersen

Some affectionally call me a climate warrior.

I work in the cross field of "applied anthropology" and "climate science".

I currently develop national scenarios for Portugal under the University of Lisbon and inform municipalities via interactive game mechanisms.